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​​​​​​​Registration forms are available in the respective school office and may be DOWNLOADED HERE:


Carrboro High School Driver Education Coordinator:

Ms. Barbara Jackson

919-918-2200  x 25004

Carrboro High School classes are scheduled to be held in Rm. D-116.  

Registration will be based on date received to the Main Office.  No emails will be accepted.  Complete the registration forms you can pick up in the office or download from this page.

If your student is in the class, a confirming email for the class will be sent approximately 10-days - 2 weeks before the class begins to the email address/s provided on the registration form.

  • Students may bring snacks and beverages as long as it is not a distraction in the class.

  • Be prepared for class with pen/pencil; note paper - it is a class!

  • The instructors cannot leave until all students are picked up and may have appointments or commitments. 

  • Please be on time, if not a few minutes early to pick up your student.

  • Student Code of Conduct is enforced. Read or download here:

​​ALL 2​019 Carrboro High School Summer Classes are FULL!
All classes are held in Rm. D-116  (8:30AM-2:30PM)

June 24-28, 2019

July  22-26, 2019

District Class – Held at East Chapel Hill High School (Slant Room)

July 29-31, August 1-2, 2019  (8:30AM-2:30PM)

Carrboro High School