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​​​​​​JDS Carolinas, Inc.​​​

​​​​    "Excellence in Driver Education"

  • Registration forms are available in the respective school office.

  • ​East Chapel Hill High School Driver Education Coordinator is:​ 

        Ms. Pamela Watson  
        919-969-2482 ext # 27122

​       pwatson@chccs.k12.nc.us

  • Registration will be based on date received to the Main Office.  No emails will be accepted. 

  • Complete the registration forms you can pick up in the office or download from this page.

  • If your student is in the class, a confirming email for the class will be sent approximately 10-days-2 weeks before class begins to the email address(es) provided on the registration form.

  • Students may bring snacks and beverages as long as it is not a distraction in the class.

  • Be prepared for class with pen/pencil; note paper - it is a class!

  • The instructors cannot leave until all students are picked up and may have appointments or commitments. 

  • Please be on time, if not a few minutes early to pick up your student.

  • Student Code of Conduct is enforced. Read or download here:

Options will be:
After school classes - 10 day class over a 2-1/2 week period - 4:05P - 7:05P
Saturday Class - 5 Saturdays - 830A - 230P
Winter Break Class - 5 Saturdays - 830A - 230P

View Class Schedules by downloading Registration Form HERE.