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Driver Education Class - Havelock High School

Spring 2017 Classes

  • Craven County has contracted with JDS Carolinas to provide classroom and road skills driver's education.
  • The cost per student is **$45 - payable to Havelock High School. 
  • Students must pay the registration fee when they register to be guaranteed a seat in the class.
  • Registration for classes must be done through Ms. Morgan in the Front Office at Havelock High and the student's age must be 14 ½  on or before the start date of the class (see the list of classes below for birthdate eligibility). 
  •  To register you must:   a.  Bring $45.00 to Front Office   (45 students maximum class size)   b. Complete the sheet provided to you by Ms. Morgan (your name, address, contact phone number, email and birthdate)   c.  Make sure to share with your parents/guardian the Mandatory class dates listed below.                 
  • The JDS Carolinas Driver's Education program provides the students with 30 hours of classroom instruction followed up by 6 hours (per student) of Behind the Wheel (BTW) instruction.

  • The process for determining when a student drives is based on their date of birth with the oldest driving first. Driving times are decided by the different instructors.  

  • E-mail the school site coordinator (Mr. Jorge Benitez Jorge.benitez@cravenk12.org ) with questions not addressed here.

Mar 27 – April 12  (Must have been born on or before 9/27/2002 to be eligible for this class)

Mon. Mar 27        3:00-6:00pm

Tue. Mar 28         3:00-6:00pm

Fri. Mar 31           3:00-9:00pm

Wed. Apr. 5          3:00-6:00pm

Thur. Apr. 6          3:00-6:00pm

Fri. Apr.7              3:00-6:00pm

Mon. Apr. 10        3:00-6:00pm

Tue. Apr. 11         3:00-6:00pm

Wed. Apr. 12        3:00-6:00pm

June 12 – June 16 (3pm-9pm)  (Must have been born on or before 12/12/2002 to be eligible for this class)

Mon. Jun. 12        3:00-9:00pm

Tue. Jun. 13          3:00-9:00pm

Wed. Jun. 14        3:00-9:00pm

Thu. Jun. 15         3:00-9:00pm

Fri. Jun. 16            3:00-9:00pm

July 7 – July 22 (9am - 3pm)   (Must have been born on or before 1/7/2003 to be eligible for this class)

Fri. Jul. 7               9:00-3:00pm

Sat. Jul. 8              9:00-3:00pm

Fri. Jul. 14             9:00-3:00pm         Fri. Jul. 21             9:00-3:00pm

Sat. Jul. 22            9:00-3:00pm

Aug 7 – Aug 11 (9am - 3pm) (Must have been born on or before 2/7/2003 to be eligible for this class)

Mon. Aug. 7         9:00-3:00pm

Tue. Aug. 8           9:00-3:00pm

Wed. Aug. 9         9:00-3:00pm

Thu. Aug. 10         9:00-3:00pm

Fri. Aug. 11         9:00-3:00pm


Location - HHS Chorus Room

Chorus room is located adjacent to the back parking lot (teacher’s parking lot).  There is a gray sign that says “Chorus Room” outside of the double glass doors.

Breaks (Food and Drinks)

We will take short 10 minute breaks.  On 6 hours days we will take a 30 min. lunch break.  Plan accordingly.  Students will have access to the vending machine room in the band room lobby.


 You must attend 30 hours of instruction, all 5 or 8 classes, pass the 4 unit tests, sign test and final exam and complete the workbook to pass the course.


Students who are unable to follow simple class rules and participate in class will be asked to leave.  Your complete attention is required to learn how to drive.